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Almas Hospital

A trusted name in health care delivery, Almas is an NABH accredited hospital. The hospital established in 2002 with the mission of providing world class treatment to all at an affordable rate. The hospital has established all important departments adequately manned with qualified and experienced professional team of doctors, nurses and paramedical staff and equipped with state of the art ultra modern investigative and therapeutic biomedical equipments.

Two decades indeed is a very short time in the history of Almas, by when the humble 10 bedded unit has evolved into the 400 bedded (and still expanding) unit. This tremendous achievement indeed is the result of the hard and dedicated efforts of the health care team and the supporting staff under the leadership of its Chairman & Managing Director Dr. P.A. Kabeer.

Recently Almas established its own Dialysis Department with 22 dialysis machines handled by well qualified technicians to provide dialysis services to the poor free of cost in association with Integrated Medical Brotherhood (IMB) Kerala Chapter.

Since its inception, Almas has always kept its promises intact. It moves ahead in total acceptance of the Holy and Divine Touch in healing: “Almas treats; Almighty Heals”

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