MD's Message

Greetings from Al Madeena Institute of Medical Sciences!

Dr. P.A. Kabeer, MBBS, MD, (GM)

At the outset, let me thank the Kottakkal community, our Arabian guests and the service availers of near and far for the trust you have reposed in us. We are extremely happy that our sincere efforts are being appreciated, as evidenced by the tremendous growth that we were able to showcase in the past 2 decades. Known for our quality and affordable medical care services, Almas yet again present to you our another need felt venture: ‘Almas IVF and Fertility Centre’. The modern day life changes has brought with it, its own delirious effects and infertility is one among them. It is estimated that almost 20% of the couples in Kerala are found to have fertility problems.

At Almas IVF center, we assure you the best of services, in your quest for a happy parenthood. Our services are not only advanced therapeutics, but also humane, keeping up the values and ethics that are very much essential in this field. Welcome to a whole new experience awaiting you in this area. You will savour your decision lifelong. This is the promise, we offer you at Almas.

Thanks again for your trust. We will always be by you.

Chairman & Managing Director
Almas Group of Institutions

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