Emergency & Trauma Care

Department of Accident and Emergency Medicine at Almas Hospital, Kottakkal newly setup Ultra Modern Technology and Facilities. The department facilities include Triage, Department is equipped with all latest life saving equipments. Staffs are well trained in Basic Resuscitation staffs, resuscitate patients according to ACLS and ATLS protocols. Department works with proper triage and priority based manner. Department have a decade of experience in treating polytrauma cases with 24x7 Orthopedic and Neuro surgery support.

Our department is District referral centre for snake bite and Toxicology management with experience of treated more than 100 poisonous snake bite. Department have toxicology museum for identify different kind of sake.

Facilities & Services

  •  Management of Acute Coronary Syndrome, stroke, acute respiratory distress, acute surgical patient
  •  Trained persons for managing polytrauma and head injury patient.
  •  Management of obstetrics and gynaecology paediatric emergencies with 24 x 7 obstetrics and Pediatrician backup.

Procedures Done In The Emergency Department

  •  Advanced airway management techniques, endotracheal intubation, LMA etc.
  •  Needle cricothyroidotomy and surgical cricothyroidotomy.
  •  Tube thoracostomy
  •  Procedural sedation and analgesia for Orthopedic reduction and burns.
  •  Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  •  Central venous cannulation (USG guided).
  •  Pericardiocentesis
  •  Focused abdominal scan for trauma
  •  Regular and plastic surgery
  •  Anterior and posterior nasal packing
  •  Joint reduction – for shoulder elbow and hip dislocation.
  •  Intraosseous line insertion.
  •  Pleural fluid , ascites fluid aspiration
  •  Lumbar puncture
  •  Suprapubic catheterization.
  •  Arterial line placement , ABG
  •  Emergency Transcutaneous cardiac pacing.

Outpatient Timings

24 X 7

Department Doctors