Laboratory Medicine

Clinical Biochemistry

  •  Auto analyzer for routine & special chemistry (Beckman Coulter AU480 and Elitech clinical systems Selectra - ProM).
  •  Hormone & tumour marker detection by CLIA and ELFA (Beckman Coulter Access 2 and Biomeriuxe Vidas)


  •  Hematopathology
  •  Cytopathology
  •  Fluid cytology and FNAC
  •  Peripheral smear and PAP smear
  •  Automated tissue processing and tissue tech-1 embedding system

Haematology and clinical pathology

  •  Complete blood cell count by 6-part analyzer (SYSMEX XN-1000).
  •  Complete blood cell count by 5-part analyzer (SYSMEX XS-1000i).
  •  Coagulation analyzer(HEMOSTAR XF 1.0).
  •  Urine analyzer
  •  Daily Internal Quality Control

Clinical Microbiology

  •  Aerobic blood culture systems.
  •  Wide array of specimens cultured by aerobic cultures.
  •  Latest drugs tested on the antibiogram panel.
  •  Wide range of serological tests
  •  Fungal screening by smear and culture methods.
  •  Different types of staining techniques
  •  RNTCP (Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program) Centre.

Department Doctors