Dr. Abdulla Anchukandan

Consultant ENT Surgeon


Dr. Abdulla Anchukandan is the best ENT surgeon in Kottakkal. At Almas ENT, he brings advanced microvascular skills, innovative endoscopic techniques, and 4+ years of experience to his patients. Dr. Abdulla Anchukandan is an expert in common ENT procedures, such as adenotonsillectomy, myringoplasty, cortical mastoidectomy, Ventilation tube insertion, septoplasty, and Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS). His expertise also extends to several complex endoscopy procedures such as endo DCR and endoscopic tympanoplasty.

After receiving his residency in ENT at MES Medical College, he did a Certification Course in Assessment and Management of Vestibular Disorders. Dr. Abdulla Anchukandan's substantial experience as an ENT includes his past positions at reputed hospitals in Kerala including Sukapuram hospital, Edappal, and Nadakavil hospital, Valanchery.  

Dr. Abbdulla Anchukandan has authored many research papers in addition to numerous presentations at national and international meetings. He speaks English, Malayalam, and Tamil fluently.

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