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Robotic Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery has helped many people with severe arthritic knee discomfort. Long-term benefits and faster recovery periods are possible outcomes of technological advances like robotic knee replacement. Currently, robotics technology is being employed in many surgeries, including replacing a whole knee. Almas Orthopedics’ team uses the most cutting-edge technology available to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

CUVIS Joint- Robot Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery at Almas

Almas Hospital is a significant healthcare provider in Kerala and has become India's primary medical facility to provide the country's one-of-a-kind healthcare innovation, i.e. CUVIS Joint. This robotic knee replacement technology allows our orthopaedic surgeons to design knee replacement treatment days before entering the operating room.

CUVIS Joint is the first completely active robotic knee replacement system globally, allowing orthopaedic doctors at Almas Hospital to execute the best knee replacement surgery more precisely and hassle-free. It is a blessing to individuals who have severe arthritis. We have become the top private hospital in Kerala and the surrounding area for knee replacements because of the expertise of our physicians and the availability of robot technology.

Almas Hospital, Malappuram, Kerala is equipped with the most advanced Robotic machine for performing Robotic Knee Replacement surgeries. The robotic matrix provides accurate and precise surgery results that helps the patients to cut shoot the hospital stay and recover faster and come back to normal life, as user friendliness, flexibility and easiness provides accuracy and safety at its best.

For severe Knee pain due to degenerative wear-and- tear, robotic knee replacement surgery is the best available option. The advantages of robotic surgery over the conventional method are reduced length of stay at hospital and faster recovery of the patient. It gives a natural feeling after the surgery.

Advantages of Robotic Knee Replacement

  • Robotic machine helps the surgeon to plan the surgery considering the unique anatomy of the patient. It makes the surgery very precise and position the implant perfectly
  • Accurate alignment and proper positioning of the implant is very important in knee replacement surgeries. The advanced software application enables the surgeon to pre plan, design and progress
  • Precise planning and accurate positioning of the implant helps to reduce post operative complications, length of hospital stay and ensure speedy recovery
When Is It Necessary to Have A Knee Replacement?

You may need knee replacement surgery if your knee joint is worn or injured to the point where you cannot walk or even rest comfortably.
Osteoarthritis is the most prevalent cause of knee replacement surgery. Some other medical issues that can lead to knee damage include:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Haemophilia
  • Knee injury and discomfort
  • Cartilage loss as a result of trauma to the knee
  • Gout
  • Bone loss in the knee joint as a result of poor blood flow
  • Unusual bone growth